About the Photographers and Frequently Asked Questions

John Paul is a photographer and mountain bike enthusiast who likes Youtube videos of talking guinea pigs, Korean food, and super-fuzzly cats. Emily is a music theory nerd and yoga instructor who likes guilty-pleasure chick flicks from the 90s, flannel button-downs, and checking out way more books from the library than she could ever read before their due date.

John Paul and Emily married each others’ faces off in October 2016, because they’re two big, soft-hearted romantics. Their relationship was built on a solid foundation of coffee snobbery and spontaneous road trips that allowed them to meet halfway and see each other every couple weeks when they were dating long-distance, taking them to such exotic locations in Missouri as Cuba (oooooooh) and Hermann (aaaaahhhhhhh). When being apart became unbearable, they moved to a blueberry farm in North Carolina just to be together. After a series of adventures, they returned to Lawrence amidst much howling from their beloved little cat, Betty, and started Wandering Star Weddings to help record other beautiful stories. 


- emily -

“Wandering Star” is an affectionate reference to John Paul and Emily’s love story, in that they believe they first fell in love millions of lifetimes ago as two wandering stars who found each other then, and again this time around. To them, it explains the immediate familiarity and closeness they felt when they first met, as well as when they reconnected after seven years. Whether you call it “soulmates” or something else, John Paul and Emily believe that love is timeless and honest, and that the best parts are the unexpected moments that just kind of happen. They bring this belief to their approach of wedding photography, striving to capture the candid moments, authenticity, and honesty that comes with being absolutely crazy about another person.

When they’re not watching reruns of “Seinfeld” or arguing over who shot who with a green shell in MarioKart 64, John Paul and Emily can be found drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, continuing to take spontaneous road trips, and playing “hide and seek” with Betty around their house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a photographer? 

In 2003 a lightbulb switched on when walking the streets of Seville, Spain. Exploring the world for the first time, experiencing new cultures, sights, and the striking Mediterranean light, I became enamored with photography, and it was then I decided to pursue this passion. 

I became a professional photojournalist in 2005, graduated from Southern Illinois University, and began photographing communities right away. 

In 2006 I photographed my first wedding in rural Colorado. 

What’s your style? 

I’m a natural light photographer, and my inspiration comes from on-location settings: interesting buildings, gardens, country roads and warm light. I consider myself a lifestyle photographer, and aim to help clients come up with photo sessions and locations that speak to who they are as a couple or family, and capture interesting pictures about them.

Do you have backup equipment? 

I bring multiple cameras to every shoot and have my cameras professionally serviced regularly to ensure they’re in perfect order. I also download your pictures and footage immediately, and make backups. 

Do you carry insurance? 

Yes, we have business insurance, not only to protect ourselves and our equipment, but to protect our clients and their guests should some accident happen on location. We’ve never had to use it and we plan on keeping it that way! 

Will you send me your pricing? 

Our wedding photography starts at $2,300 for Saturday weddings. If you like my photography and are interested in having me photograph your wedding, we should set up a time to have coffee. That’s important because I’ll be spending time with you and your partner throughout your entire wedding. So let’s chat first. 

When will I get to see my pictures? 

I always share a couple of my favorite pictures within the first three days after the wedding. This is usually followed by a blog post no later than two weeks after your wedding, with photos throughout the day. 

When will you deliver the pictures? 

Your private online gallery, which you can share with friends and family, will be available no later than one month after your wedding date. I have never missed that deadline and it’s something I’m super proud of. Prints can be ordered from this gallery. And at this point I’ll arrange to deliver your flash drive with the digital images. 

How do we pay? 

I take both checks and credit cards. A non-refundable $600 deposit is required to save your date. Your final payment is due seven days before your wedding date. 

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

We are proud to work with all couples.

Do you travel? 

Traveling is kind of our thing. Our relationship was built on travel and photography. So if you’re planning a destination wedding, or if you’re getting married outside of the Kansas City area (coast to coast), we’d be happy to talk about photographing your wedding. We want to share those experiences, of travel, photography, and love with others. So, let’s set up a Skype session. 

Do you photograph elopements? 


Do you shoot video also? 

Yes, we are excited to offer video documentary services. This is a great way to capture and share stories for those not able to attend your wedding. 

I’m interested in working with you! What’s the first step? 

Great! Message me below, let’s get together and talk. 

Check our availability!

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