Ari + Lara: Summer Wedding at Abe and Jake’s

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Ari and Lara are the most genuine individuals you could meet. They are both highly intelligent, speak to each other with respect and reverence, and there is love and compassion in all of their words and actions to each other. This is not always easy when you also have a baby, as any parent knows. Even with the presence of two photographers through both their engagement session and their wedding, they interacted just as they would on any other day. And this is why their love comes through in every photo.

We met at South Park for pre-ceremony photos; originally, the ceremony was going to be held there, in front of the fountain. Anyone in this area knows that the weather we’ve been having has been more stormy than usual, and they made the executive decision to move the ceremony to Abe and Jake’s when the forecast showed potential thunderstorms.

When Ari arrived, he had the usual bit of nervous energy that we see so often with grooms. Holding out his boutonniere, he asked if either of us knew how to secure them properly because it had already fallen out (what is it about these things that makes them do that?). In the minutes leading up to Lara’s arrival, he mentioned how tired he was: pre-wedding restless night, coupled with the usual sleeplessness that comes with having a baby. When Lara arrived and walked across the park to meet us, Ari’s energy immediately changed. Relief, love, calm. She was absolutely stunning in her strapless lace dress, holding up the bustled skirt to reveal bright yellow sandals as she made her way over, laughing that it was “a perfect day for a wedding in the park!”

The ceremony could not have been a better representation of who they are. Lara walked down the grand staircase while a string quartet played The Beatles’ “Oh Darling,” Ari looking on with tears in his eyes. The reading of a Pablo Neruda poem. Recurring references to German philosopher Hegel that made the audience laugh. Ari and Lara read letters to each other which were so earnest, honest, and heartfelt, that even the most stoic of individuals would be unable to keep their composure. As the ceremony came to an end they shared a glass of wine, exchanged rings, and Ari successfully broke the glass. The guests headed to the cocktail hour and Lara and Ari went upstairs for yichud, a tradition where the bride and groom spend time in seclusion after the ceremony to bond, celebrate, and reflect on their new marriage.

Photographing this summer wedding at Abe and Jake’s could not have been more enjoyable for us, and we are so happy that we got to be a part of this event. Ari, Lara, and sweet Rosalie, we wish you the best!

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summer wedding at abe and jake's

summer wedding at abe and jake'sabe and jake's wedding

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