Wilson Lake Night Photography

You might have guessed by the name of our website and our wedding photography company that we like to travel.

“Window time,” just getting in the car and going somewhere, is on my list of soul-filling activities. Over the weekend Emily and I packed our bags and headed west from our hometown Lawrence for a night at camping, stargazing, and photography at Wilson State Park.

Yes, I know this isn’t your typical wedding photography shot. But, I’m excited to share this image because we live in a beautiful world, and I believe that we should all make time to stop, appreciate the little details, and pursue some of those soul-filling activities. Whatever that may be. This is sound advice for your day-to-day living, but it also applies to your wedding. Plan in include those stargazing moments.

Are you a coffee nut? Enjoy the morning by walking downtown to savor a fine espresso, instead of driving. Go for a jog, practice yoga.

Here’s to pursuing whatever inspires you.

Night Photograph of Milky Way at Wilson Lake, Kansas.

If you’re interested in pursing your own Wilson Lake Night Photography, here’s a great place to start planning your trip.